CHEK Clinic is a multi-disciplinary private clinic which integrates the CHEK System of Holistic Health with other health and medical professions.

Founded by Gavin Jennings, experienced CHEK Practitioner and CEO of CHEK Institute, CHEK Clinic offers a broad range of services designed to meet the varied needs of its clients. CHEK Clinic aims to:

  • Deliver the highest degree of professionalism and structured care to clients seeking treatment for chronic pain or injury;
  • Provide opportunities and be the benchmark for CHEK professionals looking to set up a successful clinic;
  • Give CHEK Professionals access to services which will help them reach their own optimum health;
  • Offer opportunities for health and wellness professionals to gain experience within the Clinic’s internship programme;
  • Offer a range of services to assist CHEK professionals with their own business, including business coaching and support services.

CHEK Clinic is located in the North West of England. A second Clinic, based at the Global headquarters of CHEK Institute in Carlsbad, California, is due to open in 2020.

About CHEK Clinic 2 Paula assessment

“CHEK Institute is our advanced education company. This is WHERE we show students how to live by the CHEK System and how to run a successful clinic themselves.

CHEK Clinic is also a place of dedicated professionalism towards anyone who is looking for a very different approach to improving their own or others’ long-term health.”


About CHEK Clinic 3 Gavin assessment

CHEK Clinic is not just for CHEK-trained practitioners. Individuals from outside the CHEK community can access our services to help them overcome their health and wellbeing issues. The care and coaching we provide is based on the respected CHEK System of Holistic Health and delivered by a highly experienced team of practitioners, many of whom are world-renowned speakers and educators.