You can’t give what you don’t have.

As leaders and innovators in holistic health, CHEK Practitioners are renowned for walking the walk. They understand the essential need to be healthy themselves before providing coaching to others.

As Paul Chek always reminds CHEK students: “You can’t give what you don’t have”.

To truly understand the journey that their clients will face whilst working with them, CHEK Practitioners are strongly encouraged to first seek to understand their own health, and undergo the CHEK system first hand as a client.

With this principle in mind, CHEK Clinic provides a complete service to fellow CHEK Practitioners.

Exclusively for Licensed CHEK Practitioners Level 1 or above

This service is for Practitioners who feel they would benefit from an objective assessment of their own health by a high-level and very experienced CHEK Practitioner.

As health care providers we sometimes get distracted from thinking about our own health and it can be a challenge to find a trusted professional to turn to. We will take you through with the full CHEK assessment system and provide you with a detailed, personalised plan.

You will also receive three hours’ consultation time with your Practitioner following the assessments to run through the results and your plan.

Service includes:

  • Full CHEK Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Full Holistic Lifestyle assessment
  • Full Corrective Exercise programme
  • Full Holistic Lifestyle Coaching plan
  • 3 hours of Coaching only

Available to CHEK students at all levels

We can provide this service to all CHEK students who want to experience the CHEK system first-hand themselves, and be coached by a high-level, experienced CHEK Clinic Practitioner.

Building your CHEK business demands many hours of planning, assessments, studying and coaching clients – which can leave very little time to look after your own health. This service gives you access to the full CHEK assessment system plus ongoing coaching with one of our experienced CHEK Clinic Practitioners. It is an invaluable opportunity to experience the world’s best health coaching whilst gaining an insight into how the world’s best CHEK Practitioners operate.

Service includes:

  • Full CHEK Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Full Holistic Lifestyle assessment
  • Full Corrective Exercise programme
  • Full Holistic Lifestyle Coaching plan
  • 2 x CHEK Musculoskeletal re-assessments
  • 2 x Holistic Lifestyle re-assessments
  • 10 hours of Coaching to be taken over a 12-month period

For Licensed CHEK Practitioners Level 1 or above

We provide this service to all CHEK Practitioners Level 1 or above for their own clients. As students progress through the advanced training, they may work with complex clients and require the support of a more experienced Practitioner.

CHEK Practitioners can refer their client to CHEK Clinic for a more detailed assessment, followed by a complete programme design and plan for them to work through with their client.

The client will benefit from a deeper level of assessment and have a greater respect for their Practitioner. 

We encourage the CHEK Practitioner to sit in on the assessment (if the client permits) – this provides valuable insight into how a high-level Practitioner assesses and the opportunity to  ask questions and give extra feedback regarding their client.

Service includes:
  • Full CHEK Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Full Holistic Lifestyle assessment
  • Full Corrective Exercise programme
  • Full Holistic Lifestyle Coaching plan
  • 3 hours of Consultation time to the CHEK Practitioner

Limited to Licensed CHEK Practitioners only and current CHEK Academy students Year 2 or above

Imagine being mentored by the experienced team of Practitioners at the CHEK Clinic, seeing first-hand how they work with clients and patients on a day-to-day basis. The CHEK CLinic Internship programme allows Practitioners to see the inner workings of the Clinic and get involved in the clinical operations.

This service has very limited availability and we can only provide Internship positions for up to five students in any given time period.

Students must be able to attend the clinic in person and only two students will be permitted to attend the Clinic at any one time.

Please Note: Due to the privacy and confidentiality of client cases, interns will not be able to sit in on every client session, unless prior written consent is given by the client. Interns are not permitted to work with or give advice to any client, at any time.

For Licensed CHEK Practitioners Level 1 or above

This professional consultancy service provides access to experienced Practitioners for advice and guidance with one or multiple client cases, covering areas such as perfecting assessment skills to working with specific issues your clients present.

There are a number of consultants available at the Clinic, however availability can be limited.


You have honed your skills as a Practitioner but now you have to set about building your CHEK business. Most business coaching on offer to the health and fitness industries is very generic but a CHEK business is a unique service encompassing a profession that is an innovator and leader in the health sector. So imagine if you could tap into a resource that has vast knowledge of building a business in the very field that you aspire to excel in!

At CHEK Clinic our aim is to ‘disrupt’ the out-of-date systems used in conventional health, medical or fitness businesses. As such, Practitioners must take a completely different view on how a business is set up and run to ensure it is a success. And who better than CHEK Clinic Founder and CEO of CHEK Institute Gavin Jennings to be your mentor!

With Gavin’s very busy schedule, however, he can provide a maximum of two hours of business coaching per week. This service is limited to a very small number of business coaching clients at any one time.


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